Website Design

Web Design

The Truth About DIY Website Design.

Can You Design Your Own Website?

Yes, but do you want to? Building a website with no knowledge of code is like playing golf with a tennis racket. You can do it, but the results probably won't please you. I think I can cut my own hair, but I don't think I can cut it as good or efficiently as professional barber who gives 20 hair cuts a day. It's the same with Website Design. Leave the Websites to the professionals and concentrate on growing your business. But, If you really want to try designing your own website, every hosting account we sell comes with BK Site Builder and if you get stuck, we're here to help.

What About Those Companies That Offer Free Websites?

How do companies stay in business giving things away? They don't! What you get for free is a sub-domain of their website not your own domain name. Example: you get, instead of So if you decide you want to move your website you can't, without starting over. Then they give you bare-bones hosting, some don't even give 1 email address. Now the catch: when you find out what you got for free isn't adequate they start charging you for "extras" or "ad-ons" or they sell you a basic package, which generally costs around double what an honest web host would have charged you to start with. They're banking that by the time you realize what's happening you won't want to switch and start over.

What We Can Do For You.

We have hundreds of templates and sample sites at our disposal and we can often put a websited together for you for under $100.00. The best part is we'll construct your site and show it to you on the web befor you give us a dime. That's right, if you don't like the website you're under no obligation to purchase anything. How's that for confidence. Click Here to contact us, we'll be happy to give you an estimate.